Real Time Thoughts on Meet the Press (September 20th, 2009)

Falling Down

President Obama is making the rounds of the Sunday newshows.   I think he’s over-extending the power of the visual public media to help individuals deliberate amongst themselves.  Hell, I think he’s selling his project, but up to this point he’s sort of preaching to the converted.  I’m afraid over-exposure and daily meet ups with the news will mean nothing but cheap-talk to his disloyal opposition.

President Obama is really looking off and plastic.  He’s aged quite a bit since December 2008 and looks to me like the White House make-up team has really shellacked on gollops of foundation on this gentleman.

The public option is dead: “The public option is not the silver bullet that’ll solve healthcare.”  I don’t know anyone who’s followed this debate in an intelligent manner and thinks that the public option was ever the silver bullet (10:34)

President Obama is hedging on new troops in Afghanistan. He said something like the following : “We’re going to go after those people who killed 3000 of our people.  Right now we’ve had an election in Afghanistan…and it didn’t go as well as we’d hoped.  But we’ve had it.  The question now is, how does adding more troops help American national security strategy?  If being in Afghanistan helps the government of Afghanistan do what they need to do to help us and defeat the Taliban, then we’ll put more resources in.”  Is he saying that we’re farming out our Afghanistan strategy to Marshall Fahim?

Obama handed out a shout out to Derek Jeter.  Let’s think about this for a second.  The POTUS does shout outs.

John Boehner looks less orange than he usually does (10:48)

~ by Faheem Haider on September 20, 2009.

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