Iran And All Our Beasts of Burden

Dead Horse

Today’s (September 29th, 2009) article in the NY Times, written by William Broad, Mark Mazzetti and David Sanger, on Iran’s recently revealed enrichment site is, truly, the stuff that butter’s a political scientist’s bread.

So, I’ll just directly quote the passages and leave to you my reader, the reasons why this is far too interesting a turn of events, over and above the nearly millenial fascination this has wrought on the Beltway Cognoscenti.

The following quotes are from the above cited NYTimes article:

“Rolf Mowatt-Larssen, the former head of intelligence at the Department of Energy and a nuclear expert who worked for the C.I.A., said that the apparent differences of opinion among the world’s intelligence agencies might boil down to differences of interpretative style, or what he called ‘tradecraft’.”

“‘It’s often tradecraft that gets us bollixed up,’ he said in an interview. ‘It comes down to interpreting the same data in different ways, in looking at the same information and coming up with different conclusions.'”

“Graham Allison, the author of “Nuclear Terrorism” and a Harvard professor who focuses on proliferation, said he could not conceive of Iran’s building only one such site.”

“‘How likely is it that the Qum facility is all there is? Zero. A prudent manager of a serious program would certainly have a number of sites,’ he said.”

“After all, Mr. Allison said, the lesson Iran took away from Israel’s destruction of an Iraqi reactor more than 25 years ago is to spread facilities around the country.”

~ by Faheem Haider on September 29, 2009.

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