Real Time Thoughts on Meet the Press (October 18, 2009)

Dead man in Pakistan

***  As is always the case on this weekly post, the opinions you will find below are close approximation to direct quotes.  They are, more, reflections of the spirit of the truth that the guests on Meet the Press opine, rather than being the exact letter of their opinions***

Valerie Jarrett, a senior advisor to the POTUS,  is representing the Obama administration on Meet the Press today.  I think the White House press and media team are pulling back to staunch the accusation of over-exposure of the big man.

On jobs and the economy:

DG: Wall Street is doing well, but it looks like we’re going to have a job-less recovery.  How do we square that circle?

Valerie Jarrett is a very persuasive voice for the administration and she’s pulled out all the stops to support the administration.  But I don’t think the argument that Obama has SAVED jobs has legs.  On the other hand, it may well be worthwhile to argue that the whole  sum of the stimulus appropriation hasn’t been allocated to teh states yet.

On healthcare:

Jarrett: the POTUS argues that the public option is the right choice to lower costs, but he knows that we’ve come very far and that there are other ways of driving down costs and insuring more people.  But as DG points out, Obama will not DEMAND a public option.

DG: the POTUS, promises universal coverage of health care: But 17 million will remain unsured.  Public option?  Sounds like, more “Yes we can” mantras.

DG on health care bill:  What’s good?

Chris Dodd (Chairman of the Senate Health Committee–upon Kennedy’s passing): Just because something gets one or two votes in committee, does not imply that will be the case on the Senate floor.  The public option will make it through on the Senate floor and in reconcialation.

Jon Kyl:  the

DG: Sen. Dodd, would you support a trigger?

Chris Dodd: Absolutely not.

DG: Sen Kyl, why is there a disparity in your party bringing up costs and the question of the rising deficit for healthcare when there is no argument about the costs of our appropriating the funds for our wars?  Damn fine question, fine sir

Jon Kyl: We can’t scrimp and save when our national security and lives of Americans is on the line.

DG: So what about the fact that unless American;s are covered more and more Americans will die because of lack of health care coverage?

Jon Kyl: I don’;t know that more people are dying because of lack coverage.  Its rather that the healthcare assets and products are not being used as well as they could be.  (REALLY, sir???)

On Wall Street to Dodd and Kyl:

DG: Limits on compensation, the fact of compensation versus main street unemployment numbers.

Dodd’s argument that Wall Street notice the public anger against Holiday bonuses, is not very persuasive.  Individiaul incentives will not budge, here; in fact I’d say that adverse selection of civic mindedness in finance is on the upswing; moral hazard has been shown to consistent with individual and corporate decision-making because, now, two separate administrations have come through to bail out these robber- barons.

Kyl:  We shouldn’t mess with the private sector.

On “A Woman’s Nation” a report on women in the American workforce:  For the first time, a majority of Americans are women.

First Lady (of California) Shriver, Valerie Jarret and John Podesta are talking about this excellent new report from the Center for American Progress.  This report does suggest how far we’ve come along with gender rights, and how far we have to go. Women are now the majority bread-winners, but they also the majority, child-carers and elderly carers, often all in the same person.

(The interesting thing, I think is the sociological effect of this change on the American work force and family structure.  Is there now more intra-family coercion, versus when, in the 1950’s, the woman’s place was considered to be with her children, concerned over the malfunctioning bread oven?)

DG: Yes, we have had this stunning change in society, but are men comfortable talking about the fact that often women are earning more than they do?  i.e what about the male ego?

Shriver: well businesses that engage both men and women tend to do better in the market than do principally gendered biased work-places.

Podesta, we’ve noticed in surveys that men are now more comfortable dealing with child and elderly care, though women are still the principal care-giver.  And this is changing so that men report that they are increasing more comfortable those roles.

Jarret: Even though more women are earning more money than women, lets be clear that in the same jobs men are still earning more.

Shriver: 70% of the job-losses have been in sectors that are male dominated, so that’s one of the reasons that women are more the primary workers in teh economy, but again, the woman earns less than the man in the same jobs and often does not have the benefits that go along that used to go with that job.

DG: women are now asking that they have more flexibility in the work-place.

Shriver: Yes, bu, even though women have more responsibilities of family care,  they might feel some trepidation in bringing up a negotiation of having a flexibile work environment and schedule.

DG: John Podesta, would men make these negotiations?

Podesta: Likely not, men might just chug along in a careerist manner, but that’s changing.  Men are taking up more responsibility in terms of family care.

DG: Even with a former President as a partner a strong woman like Hillary Clinton was not albe to cinch the nomination.  Does this imply that there are still double standards when it comes to progress and success?

Shriver.  Perhaps, but lets not forget that there are women who think that they would not want to have their families dragged through the mud in order to win office.  Women might have a different metric for success.

~ by Faheem Haider on October 18, 2009.

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