Dead Men in Pakistan–Young Militants and Their Jihad

Dead Man in Pakistan--Head Shot 2

Militants are now openly attacking Muslims in Pakistan.  The attacks reported today against the International Islamic University in Islamabad shows that militants are attacking those they view as capitulating to the corrupt and unworthy government of Pakistan.

As David Rohde writes in his gripping series on his escape from the Taliban: “My captors railed against the evils of a secular society. In March, they celebrated a suicide attack in a mosque in the Pakistani town of Jamrud that killed as many as 50 worshipers as they prayed to God. Those living under Pakistan’s apostate government, they said, deserved it.”

Rohde’s “Held by the Taliban” series is the must read of the week.  His reporting whispers fear and trembling at its most pressed poignancy; this is cinematic writing.

~ by Faheem Haider on October 20, 2009.

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