Real Time Thoughts on Meet the Press (January 24, 2010)

As before these typed musings are approximations to the truth of what the guests have said in their sequential appearances.  It is my hope that you are about to read is a closer approximation to the facts on the ground, than the hyperbolic dodges in which these politicians trade.

Today’s guest on Meet the Press are Valerie Jarret, Sen. Mitch McConnell.  The roundtable features E.J.Dionne, Peggy Noonan, Katty Kay and Chuck Todd.  The topic in the stands is the health of the Obama administration and the survivability of the anemic Democratic Party.

Osama Bin Laden is on tape again.  Perhaps, we might take some comfort that he’s on tape.  It suggests that he is a side-lined player in this round of the game.

Ben Bernanke has to be confirmed in the GOP wants to be the party of Wall Street going forward.

Valerie Jarret is saying that the reasons that the country needs healthcare reform have not changed since Scott Brown was elected in Massachussetts.  Massachussetts has healthcare reform already, and so Scott Brown is not saddled with the claims of failure.  And though David Gregory is pushing on the consequences of Brown’s victory, Jarret is charging on.  To be fair, it is the same set of talking points that we’ve all heard before.   Jarret’s claim is not convincing, no matter how much I wish it were the case that it were.

DG: Why keep insisting on healthcare when American’s overwhelming want the administration to deal with the economy and jobs.

VJ: You assume that its a either or, that we have choice.  Jobs are being shed in fewer numbers because we have been addressing the situation in a multi-levered manner.  We have turned a corner in this economy

DG: I’m sorry but you can’t say that we’ve turned a corner when we have 10% unemployment. (Real unemployment is of course much higher)

Valerie Jarret’s defense is in the least bit convincing.  This is sad, in so many ways.  For the incoming Obama administration was the hope and the anchor for liberals and centrists.

DG is now talking to Sen. Mitch McConnell.

DG: Is there any Republican who is willing to work with the adminsitration.

MM: We need to start over again.

DG: SO lets be clear, there’s not one Republican will work with the Democrats

MM: We need to restart the whole discussion on the healtcare legislation

DG: So the charge of the Party of No is true?

MM: No, the GOP were never consulted and weren’t part of the process.

DG: How many Republicans were negotiating in committee?  Were they not part of the process?

MM:Yes, but they did not take a single one of our ideas.

DG: Is the bill now dead?

MM: This iteration is finished.

DG: On Bernanke.

MM:Bernanke will be confirmed with bipartisan support

DG: But do you have any problems with the job he’s doing or his suitability for the job.  Do you support him as Chairman of the Fed.

MM: Bernanke will have bipartisan support

DG is talking about jobs with Sen. McConnell.

MM: First thing you do is kill the job-killing healthcare bill.  Don’t raise taxes, get spending down.

DG: What does the Republican plan for helping govern the country entail.

MM: The Democrats are in majority in the Congress and the White Office.  They are in charge. The President claimed to be a centrist but charged to the left. If he comes to the middle, then he’ll find the Republican ready to work with him. (This seems off.   Obama has been governing from the center.  There;’s not much difference between the first year of his presidency and the final year of the Bush presidency.  Most of the national security policies have remained.  Fiscal and Monetary policy are the same.  Healthcare, Climate Change have not materialized.  Guantanamo is still up and around. )

The Roundtable is up now.

David Gregory is showing the margins by which Obama has lost support in Massachussetts and Virgina, New Jersey.

Peggy Noonan is saying that well..yes. Obama has lost the center, and the independent voter.

E.J. Dionne is saying, well listen, political incompetence has something to do with it as well.  Martha Coakley was up 30 points 3 months ago.  And the White House didn’t see it coming.  That’s incompetence.  They need to get the middle.  And that’s why David Plouffe is coming back.

DG: THere’s some sense that Obama has lost his power to inspire

Katty Kay: There are good reasons to pass the stimulus package and the healthcare bill.  But there seems to be some arrogance in teh White House that we know what we are doing, and there are good reasons to do what we are doing, but we don’t need to explain to teh American people what those reasons are.

Chuck Todd: Its odd to say that there’s a message problem when Obama is out so often to sell something. Sure, he’s been selling too much at the same time but he’s become the power, the insider the problem that is holding back the machinery of politicians to solve problems.  And there are Democrats who are all fending for themselves and seem unhappy to cooperate.  He has to somehow become the outsider who needs to almost stand against his own party.

KK:But taking this more populist turn seems to be not very promising.  People seem incoherent in their desires.  They want the economy to function again, but they seem unprepared to pay for what needs to be done.  They seem to be afraid of the fiscal deficit, but they seem unwilling to raise taxes.  So though we might think that not following the people is a bad call, this seems too premature at this moment: there is still 10 months left.

EJD: What we want to avoid going forward is the Village Voice headline.  “GOP has 41 to 59 majority.” Democrats have a choice to make.  If they can’t pass healtcare bill then they lose entirely.

CT: The idea of the House passing the Senate bill is still  alive.  That Pelosi said she doesn’t have the votes is a negotiating tactic.  She wants the liberals in the House to stare at hte abyss and think about what the world would look like if they pass nothing at all.

DG: Dick Armey thinks the Obama administration is in the liberal fringe and that the tea party folk are the center.

CT: We need to think about where the teaparty stands.  The Tea Partyers are a small group who get a lot of attention from one cable news channel.  Fox News viewers know a lot about them; the rest of the country doesn’t.  But the thing, when a member fo the GOP comes home with a piece of pork, the Tea Partyers force them on the defense.  The Tea Partyer major issue is distrust with all institutions of government.  So when some Congressman bring home some funding, the Tea Partyers question whether that piece of pork is worthwhile.

~ by Faheem Haider on January 24, 2010.

3 Responses to “Real Time Thoughts on Meet the Press (January 24, 2010)”

  1. I am so tired of hearing the republicans say we need to start over with health care. When have they ever been at the forefront of universal health care?
    The democrats have leaned off much of what they want for health care, too much in my opinion, but the Republicans are the ones saying all or nothing.
    The GOP does not want the democrats to get their way on anything.
    And as far as the economy and jobs. We need to remember who was in office when this all went down. We are very lucky we are not in a depression right now. The American people need to wake up and quit listening to the lies fox news is so fond of broadcasting.

  2. I could be wrong or I guess it was inaudible but during one of the round table debates last week, when they all speak at once didn’t CT reason to who I dont know (like I said they were all speaking), “…why there’s this tea party crap.” All the guests were sort of stunned for a split second, but then no one said anything about it and they continued debating. I have to be wrong, I guess. That’s wrong on too many levels for me to have heard.

  3. I was wrong. He was answering a question asked of him about this directly and he said, “…this Tea Party crowd.” I guess I knew I couldn’t be the only one who noticed it.

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