Scotch Tape Painting: Behold, the Man

An Old Man.  A Bangladeshi Man.  A Gypsy

~ by Faheem Haider on March 16, 2010.

2 Responses to “Scotch Tape Painting: Behold, the Man”

  1. as obliterated and abstracted as a figure the intensity of marking and gesture work beautifully as one. your work is amazing and makes one reconsider what is truly being viewed. Do you display any of your work anywhere other than your blog. I would love to have the chance of acquiring a piece or two.

    • Hi Brian,

      Thank you for this most wonderful compliment. I’m glad that you found the work interesting and are question the thing, and the role of thing that you are viewing. I am interested in pushing and pulling at the kinds of things a work of art can be–or maybe I’m concerned with the status of any piece of work– when viewed through one particular medium or another. The Mona Lisa hanging at the Louvre is a different beast than the Mona Lisa that was printed on a postcard and that Duchamp then appropriated and (re)made into an entirely different work and so on. Nevertheless, both the painting and the original yet to be ‘defaced’ postcard refer to some piece of work called the Mona Lisa. Moreover, most people in the world–indeed, throughout the time that has passed between the completion of the work and the minutes that have faded as I’ve been typing–has only seen the postcard or the image printed on a book. What those people say the proposition “I have seen the Mona Lisa” what is its truth status? I am also interested in telling stories and have tried to draw up narratives within each work.

      Certainly, I’d be happy to talk about your acquiring anything that you might like. I’d be glad to discuss all this with you over my personal email address. I have your contact information here and will soon shoot you off a note. Thanks again for your kind note.


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