Real Time Thoughts on Meet the Press (March 28, 2010)

Today on Meet the Press, almost everyone is Monday morning (Sunday morning) quarter-backing passage of the health care bill.

Chuck Schumer and Lindsey Graham are representing each party’s view-point.

The first question is about repeal.  Is the GOP going to try to repeal the healthcare bill?

Sen. Graham is calling the new bill a house of cards.  He is questioning the costs of the bill.  The argument is fairly strong.

David Gregory is pushing Schumer on the real costs on the bill.  At issue is the feasibility of holding costs down to the projected costs.  This is because the costs of the bill are paid for through tax cuts that a 2018 Congress has to levy.

Schumer isn’t being honest about the prcommitment issue this bill has engendered.  Schumer’s argument is essentially the Democratic line that in 8 months or so, the American electorate will see the positive consequences of passage.  (I very much doubt that.)

David Gregory is pushing Sen. Graham on whether he condemns the language of many conservatives and Tea-Partyers.

Sen. Graham has roundly rejected the languages used in some of the popular debate.  He claimed President Obama is a good man a good father, a liberal but to say that he is as much an American as anyone else (that goes without saying, though I think we live in a weird world when because of the birthers, he needs to reaffirm Obama’s citizenship) and that calling him a socialist suggests otherwise.  Calling people names doesn’t help the situation.

David Gregory has moved onto immigration reform.

Chuck Schumer is saying the system is broken: it lets in the wrong people and pushes back the right one.

On recess appointments, Lindsey Graham is saying that things will be worse.  Schumer is saying that the GOP is holding up the votes.  And up or down, the country needs these leaders in office.

The Roundtable is up next.  Bob Shrum, Jon Meacham, Doris Kearns Goodwin, and Mike Murphy are on.

Jon Meacham is saying htat we need to look at this legislation proportionately and in a balanced way: it is somewhat to the right of what Richard Nixon proposed.

DG is playing a clip of FDR saying that if the 1935 Congress had only passed the Social Security Act, it would remain a historic act, a historic Congress. 

Doris Kearns Goodwin says that LBJ was emboldened when he passed Civil Rights Legislation.  He then went onto pass Voting Rights and Medicare.  But Obama still needs to work with public sentiment. Quoting Lincoln, Goodwin is saying that Obama needs to channel, mobilize, public sentiment in his favor.

Bob Shrum is saying that the Arms Control Treaty with Russia, Student Loan reform, health care, stimulus bill.  And with the upcoming financial regulation bill, Obama stands as a historical and transformative leader.

Jon Meacham is saying that it is tragic that when John Lewis, a man who helped change America is spat at and called the N-word, we are in a place where we should not be.  But lets not forget that the left and the center left passed this bill.

Bob Shrum has pointed out that Scott Brown’s victory just clarified the stakes for passage or failure of the bill.  He is praising Mike Murphy for saying that hte GOP needs to stand for something positive.  His campaign for the governorship in California stands for something positive–he hopes Murphy loses–but it is important that the party stand for something positive. 

The roundtable agrees that the Democrats will lose seats.  Mike Murphy is saying that the economy might trump every other consideration during the mid-terms.  Doris Kearn’s Goodwin reminds us that Obama has to mold public sentiment over the short-run in order not to lose seats.  Jon Meacham reminds us that Churchill himself said anger is a good starter but not a good finisher.  Bob Shrum reminds us that GOP leader Sen. leader Everett Dirksen worked with JFK.  Sen. Mitch McConnell had refused to work with Pres. Obama without even seeing what the bill contained.


~ by Faheem Haider on March 28, 2010.

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