Real Time Thoughts on Meet the Press (August 1, 2010)

Today’s broadcast of Meet the Press is all about the WikiLeaks documents.  And the economy and Chelsea Clinton’s wedding, though we won’t talk about that very much.

Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff, Mike Mullen is here to talk to David Gregory.

Admiral Mullen is here to reaffirm the U.S. alliance with Pakistan,

Here are at least a few of the things we know.

1. 60% of Pakistani’s think of the U.S. as the enemy, as shown in a Pew Survey.  (This has severe consequences as to whether we look at Pakistani hesitation to move out against the Haqqani network is an excuse or an explanation.)

2. The U.S. strategy is to cleave apart the Taliban from Al Qaeda in Afghanistan.  This implies that the Taliban will have their own sphere of influence.  Look at the cover of the new issue of Time magazine. These brutalities will be legion when the Taliban return power, however that is structured.

3.  Pakistan is working against us, though there is enough nodes of cooperation.  Consider that Gen. Kayani, Army Chief in Pakistan is handily allowing the U.S to carry on its drones program.

4. U.S. involvement is a long-term proposition.  Neither Pakistanis nor Americans are necessarily aware of this.

Mayor Mike Bloomberg, Governor Ed Rendell and Alan Greenspan are here talking about the recovery summer.

Bloomberg is saying that because every partisan in the econimic recovery is talking past each other, demanding contradictory proposals, the pace economic recovery is slow due to uncertainty in the economic growth.

Alan Greenspan is saying that the wealthy earners and big businesses are doing well. Their assets are huge and their debt to earning are low.  But the middle-class are doing badly off.  But for now, we need to make sure that home-prices remain stable.  Otherwise, we might experience a proper double dip recession.

Governor Rendell is saying that though the Secy. Treasury Geithner is saying that economic growth must follow private investment, which there is plenty of supply of, nevertheless government should invest. This is because we can still fix our deficit through a long-term plan while stimulating the economy.

Mayor Bloomberg’s point is that the stimulus in teh economy went to private individuals who bought T.V.’s states took their money and spent it on operating costs, not investment.  Finally private businesses took their money and paid for pet investments not long-term investment and hiring.  No its not obvious that new stimulus would help the private economy.

Alan Greenspan is saying that  all tax cuts should lapse.  This is because all of our entitlement programs and tax cuts are paid for through borrowing.  Alan Greenspan has come out to say that tax cuts do not pay for themselves.

Alan Greenspan has always affirmed that the effect of asset prices on real value and welfare in the country is under-estimated.  He has stated that as the Dow goes up, it will do more to stimulate the economy and lower unemployment.

Doris Kearns Goodwin is saying that though FDR was in similar straits, he showed the American people his successes.  President Obama needs to show people that though he has had successes, he needs to show the people what they were.  He needs to be an optimist and he needs to show that sort of optimism will pay off.

~ by Faheem Haider on August 1, 2010.

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