Real Time Thoughts on Meet the Press (August 22, 2010)

Today’s Meet the Press is all about electoral politics and the hub-bub about the Muslim community center two blocks away from Ground Zero in Manhattan. Sen. Mitch McConnell, Former Majority Leader Dick Armey and Governor Jennifer Granholm are here to talk about the Tea Party.

Katty Kay, Rick Lazio, Paul Gigot and Jeffrey Goldberg constitute the Round Table.

The question on the Mosque issue, as David Gregory see it is: is building so close to Ground Zero the wise thing to do?  (Posing this question this way or any other just points to how insidious and invidious this issue is.)

So far the only point that Gregory has made that has any substance whatsoever is that the GOP might do well to model itself on President Bush’s leadership on the U.S. relationship with people of the Muslim faith.  For instance, a large number of Republicans surveyed think that Obama is a Muslim

Gregory is asking: does Sen. McConnell have a duty to tell 31% of Americans who think that President Obama is a Muslim.

David Gregory is asking McConnell how he intends to pay for the tax cuts.  McConnell is trying hedge the issue by framing the question as just an issue about a tax increase in teh middle of a recession.  (It is not apparent why Gregory hasn’t brought up the fact that the GOP wrote into law a sunset clause that the tax cuts would be phased out)

Gregory is brining up the fact that the tax cuts are being extended–implying that the tax rates was designed to revert to Clinton era brackets.  McConnell is just hedging around, playing a game that stinks of sophistry and bad faith.

Gregory’s slam dunk question: Why does the GOP need Obama’s debt commission to offer a program of debt consolidation and spending cuts?  McConnell is skirting the issue.  (Why isn’t Gregory taking him to town on this?)

Gov. Granholm and Dick Armey are here.  Gregory is asking Granholm whether President Obama is walking back on his support for Imam’ Rauf’s desire to build a community center in lower Manhattan.

Gov. Granholm is pointing out that it might be good to have Imam Rauf speak on the issue.  He is a Sufi imam after all; they are the flower children of Islam.  Al Qaeda hates the Sufi sect and the Governor points out rightly that all true Muslims abhor the fanaticism and radical interpretation of Al Qaeda and their tactics in combatting the U.S and U.S interests.

Dick Armey is pointing out that the Tea Party movement is a decentralized localized movement. Leader Armey is boosting Paul Ryan’s fake spending cuts.  Gregory is pointing out that only 13 GOP senators. What is their jobs program? What will the Tea Party do?

Governor Granholm has pointed out that well, the Tea Party has stood against government intervention. But let’s face facts and just accept that smart government intervention along with the private sector, is what saved the Michigan’s economy.

Rick Lazio has put out a strong web ad on the mosque issue.  Why has he put out the ad, David Gregory is asking.  Rick Lazio has cherry picked a characterization of Imam Rauf to suggest that he is not a bridge builder.   His comment on Hamas, on U.S. policies that some say motivated the 9/11 attacks and his commentary on Osama Bin Laden are to Lazio suggestive of Imam Rauf’s counter-majority opinions.

Katty Kay’s point is the strongest one.  There is no one who will support Muslims and Islam.  GOP leader Newt Gingrich effectively equated Muslims with Nazis.  And there’s not been a public outcry against those comments.  He could not say those things about any other community and still live to have a political career.

(David Gregory needs to disabuse himself of the idea that it is not a wise move to have a mosque this close to Ground Zero.  This is not an axiom, rather an assertion that cannot be proved.)

How do we stop Iran?  How do we avert an Israeli strike on Iran’s nuclear capability?  Secy. Gates has assured Israel that Iran is at least 3 years away from nuclear capability.

The U.S. has drawn down from Iraq.  What does victory in Iraq mean?  Paul Gigot expects that to only mean honor withdrawal that successfully passes the baton to Iraqi leaders to deal with their Republic to do with it whatever it wishes.

~ by Faheem Haider on August 22, 2010.

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