Real Time Thoughts on Meet the Press (October 24, 2010)

Today’s Meet the Press is surely likely concentrated on the upcoming midterm election.  Michael Steele, GOP Chair is here to talk about the likelihood of a GOP victory.  (Is he truly the leader of the GOP now? Alternatively, should Sarah Palin say something about the GOP? )

The roundtable has gotten bigger. (Is this a good thing?)  (What no talkie talkie on the Wikileaks doc dump?)

Obama’s charge that the GOP is the party of “NO”–let’s talk about that.  That the GOP is riding public anger to victory in the election.

Chairman Steele is saying the same ol’ mantra: the GOP tried to work with the Obama administration. Since then the Democrats have refused to work with the GOP.  (This is not true.)  The House will go Republican. But then, what about intra-party politicking between the establishment and the Tea Party Republicans?

What about Democratic charges that unknown donors funding the GOP is threatening the U.S. democracy?  Mike Issikoff has come out and said that since the Nixon Administration, there has never been a time that more special interest money that is buying out campaigns.

David Gregory’s point is on the money: the 527’s are not required by law to disclose donor identities.  Is this a problem sir?  (Chairman Steele is this a problem that should be looked at, and one that threatens the content and policy-making of American politics more squarely toward big business?)

Eric Cantor has threatened NPR with future funding cuts to Juan Williams firing.  David Gregory is asking is this an appropriate use of politics?  Chairman Steele has punted this to saying well, Eric Cantor is expressing a private opinion.  (No he is not. As House GOP whip, he stands to be GOP House majority leader.  His threat forecasts a real policy move.)

David Gregory is asking Michael Steele about the fact the the GOP has been outspent and out-raised by the Democratic Party.  His organization is in debt.  Rove and co. have reorganized GOP funding through other channels. Along with the 527 corporate donations, the GOP has reached parity with the Democrats.  So, given that inspite of the RNC’s failures in raising money and firing up voters, the GOP looks likely to take over Congress, will Michael Steele win reelection to lead the RNC.

Gregory is breaking news on the Senate candidates.  Dick Blumenthal in CT and Barbara Boxer in CA are pulling ahead in the latest polls.  Pat Toomey in PA is ahead.  Marco Rubio in Fla. is well ahead of the other two candidates, Kendrick Meek is farthest beyond. Rand Paul in Kentucky is ahead of Jack Conway. Michael Bennet in Colorado and Ken Buck are tied.  Mark Kirk is ahead of Alexi Giannalouias in Illinois.

Rachel Maddow is pointing out that the narrative that Democrats are going to sit out this election is somewhat wrong.  Early voting shows that.  Also keep in mind that this is only 2 years out of the last Democratic landslide election.

Rick Santelli is up now. (Oyyy!) To Obama’s point that the GOP is leading a message of fear, Santelli is saying there is no fear in this election.  The anomaly is that the Democrats had seats.  Those Congressman are the ones who are fearful.  (This is just off!!!)

E.J. Dionne is saying hey lookit its looking like Democrats are only now coming out to politicians move to admit to their votes for Obama’s agenda.  Yes, I voted for healthcare and this is how your life is now better.  Dionne is saying that Democrats would be best off bragging about their votes and how life has changed for the better for many many people.

Harold Ford Jr. is saying that the Democrats need to reconcile and work with the GOP. (WHAHHHHTTTT??? The Democrats in fact need to play the GOP’s game.)

David Brooks is saying that though the 527’s are pouring in money, its effect is corrupting on Washington DC politics.  But the question is: is that corrupting on voter’s opinions of politics as such. Brooks is saying that lets keep in mind that that money is only 10% of the entire amount that the candidates are pulling in from voters. (Yes.  That maybe true but that marginal difference is hugely consequential for how politics cuts and falls.)

Rick Santelli to a question whether Christine O’Donell is the Delaware GOP candidate for Senate: Yes. Tea Party. Yes. Good.  Discourse good.  Left and right media are upset that the Tea Party is doing so well and has come out to have a conversation with the American people.  Who am I to say whether she is qualified or not. (What is this all about??)

Harold Ford Jr. is saying jobs, jobs, jobs. Work to solve American problems.  Work to get yer business in politics done. (But sir, how does this work when the opposition is squarely aiming to do NOTHING at all.)  (Harold Ford Jr. is getting really unhelpful here.  Politics ins’t about policy. He is talking about policy.  Policy can only be handled after politics is now. Santelli, Dionne and Maddow are talking about politics.  Ford’s argument about policy is beside the point.)

NPR–did it do the right thing in firing Juan Williams for his bigoted comments about faithful Muslims on a plane?  And should this be an political-election issue, vis-a-vis Rep. Eric Cantor’s threats?  E.J. Dionne is saying that lets not make any mistake about this, NPR is one of the best news organizations in teh world.  It has Liberal and Conservative commentators hashing out arguments.  There is no bias–as popularly conceived–there.  But FOX is something different.  This shouldn’t be a bit of politics.  We need NPR. But NPR should have taken Juan Williams to say that he needs to choose which organization he wants to work for.   But it shouldn’t have fired him.

~ by Faheem Haider on October 24, 2010.

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  1. Real Time Thoughts on Meet the Press (October 24, 2010 ……

    Here at World Spinner we are debating the same thing……

  2. NPR Turmoil Dilemma…

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  3. Real Time Thoughts on Meet the Press (October 24, 2010)…

    Here at World Spinner we are debating the same thing……

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    • Thank you. Check back often. Though I respond to the day’s new, I also try to weave together a narrative that might work with our times and our days.

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