Real Time Thoughts on Meet the Press (May 15, 2011)

Mike Huckabee isn’t running for the GOP nomination for president.  Newt Gingrich is. Whoopdidoo!  Meet the Candidate. This is Meet the Press?

The debt and the debt ceiling: Newt supports John Boehner’s plan to match spending cuts to the rise of the debt ceiling. Since the debt ceiling needs to raised, and it needs to be raised by trillions of dollars, cutting trillions of dollars in cuts just isn’t feasible. And of course, the Secretary of the Treasury can do so much, so yes, raise the debt ceiling IF you can, but do not hand over a blank check to Obama.

Gingrich is not supporting Paul Ryan’s radical medicare changes. He will not raise taxes under any condition. (This is complete nonsense, but whatever!)

He thinks that President Obama is the most successful food stamp president in U.S. history?  Okay, it seems unfair to call him that since the economy collapsed under the Bush administration.  Now on health insurance, and the individual mandate.  He supported an individual mandate in the 1990’s.  So how is this any different than Obama’s individual mandate.  Right wing-social engineering!!!!Holy crap!!! This is incendiary. A former GOP Speaker of the House has rejected one of the cornerstones of the GOP 2012 platform. (Everything he is saying is no different than what President Obama has done.)

He thinks that the U.S. is losing the War on Terror.  (Wow, I kinda agree with him. But this war isn’t about fighting radical Islamists as much as a war against a ghost.  This should be a criminal affair, it should be prosecuted as such; anything otherwise just works to hide wrong-doing.)

He admits that he has errors in judgment. He claims that his work as an analyst cannot withstand his purported role as a leader. But now David Gregory has brought up the fact that he’s been married thrice, and he cheated on his wife during the Clinton impeachment.  (He’s always been a flame thrower, how do you tone that down? )

Conservative Senator Tom Coburn will not support Gingrich. In response, Gingrich claims he’s matured now, and he’s learned his lessons.  But when he made the mistakes he claims he made, cheating on his wife, he was 55 years old. (Oh god, this is such a waste of time.)

The roundtable is up next. Helene Cooper, Peggy Noonan, E.J.Dionne, Matt Bai and Mark Halperin.

Mark Halperin is saying that Newt Gingrich is an underappreciate candidate.  And he could have a real chance, according to E. J. Dionne.

Helene is registering surprise that Newt Gingrich supports the individual mandate.  But there’s little doubt that it’ll be interesting to see how he can wade into the populist streams of American politics.

Peggy Noonan made a strong point that 18-22 year old don’t know Gingrich’s history; to them he might well be a new candidate.

Who picks up Mike Huckabee voters?  Its still too early to tell but what about Iowa and South Carolina front-runner.  With his exit, Christian conservatives no longer have a candidate.

No credible candidate, who “feels” presidential is getting out to run. Why? Because some candidates are interesting in making the kind of money they’ve never seen before, and many leaders think Obama’s unbeatable.

Romney admitted that what he did in implementing the individual mandate in Massachussett’s healthcare reform.  He owned it. This might well work out to his best advantage. And this helps Obama’s defense of healthcare reform.  But Romney might well be betting that Obama will rise and fall according to jobs and the economy.

Obama’s got real weakness-the economy and gas prices, even if he has no real control over either. But American’s like him as a man, even if many don’t like his policies.  If the GOP can’t field a serious, believable candidate, President Obama might well win handily in 2012.  But there are still so many red states that will not go to Obama.  A serious candidate would pick those states up easily, ensuring a close race.

~ by Faheem Haider on May 15, 2011.

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