Kinda Sorta Real Time Thoughts on Meet the Press (August 14, 2011)

Oh lawd! Michelle Bachman is here. Be prepared to become a bit more hateful or a bit dumber, depending on where your political allegiances lie.  (What happened to the Minnesota of Senators Hubert Humphrey, Eugene McCarthy and Paul Wellstone?)

Congresswoman Bachmann won the Ames Iowa Straw Poll.  In terms of political bet-making it doesn’t prove who will win the nomination; it shows who will not win. And apparently former Governor of Minnesota Tim Pawlenty will not win.  So he’s left the race. And Rick Perry is in.  Holy crap!

Ms. Bachmann has come up the winner against Gov. Pawlenty. She’s a hardliner who wants to move slightly to her left, the mainstream. And when asked what kind of experiences, she has to be president what is the proof of her judgement since, like President Obama, she never ran any of the Committees or subcommittees in Congress, she marshaled her biography. (That’s a huge problem: why should biography count more than political expertise?).

But yes she is a lawyer with experience in federal tax law. (She worked for the I.R.S) And ran her own business with her husband.

How is she going to spin all that to win a general election against a fairly popular incumbent?  Her claims is that she has cross-over appeal from Democrats.  (What???!!!)

How would she spur on job growth?  Cutting spending and deregulating, essentially. (Okay David hit her on her claim that all the government is doing is spending and spending; show her David that what the market is looking for is another stimulus? Errmmm, David? Mr. Gregory???!! Okay way to drop the ball on that one!)

Would Bachmann support extending the payroll tax cut? She says we need to cut spending. (So, okay that’s not an answer to teh question? Would she support extending the payroll tax cut? She certainly won’t extend jobless benefits for those millions of Americans out of work.

Here’s the deal: the economy is tanking and S&P is blaming the GOP for the downgrade, and Ms. Bachmann is coming off as a smart-ass. What will Ms. Bachmann do to help-how will she do better than President Obama. This even though she claims to be the leader of the Tea Party Caucus in Congress, the same folks who thought it’d be only a small problem in the federal government defaulted on its debt.. Even though it was the most activist wing of the GOP that refused to raise the debt limit clean. Even though it was the GOP that decided to bargain over the debt ceiling and even though they prevailed, it was their actions that resulted in the S&P downgrade. All this even though most business leaders, the Treasury and the Federal Reserve argued for months that not raising the debt ceiling would be disastrous for the country.

She has the same BS arguments that the GOP has offered.  “Let’s listen to real America”.  Okay, but maybe Ms. Bachmann would do well to quote President Obama, when saying that it was he the downgrade would force the country to not pay out to soldiers, when in fact it was then Chair of the Joint Chiefs Mike Mullen who made that point. And he made the claim while arguing that a default would be bad for the country.

(Why is she arguing that Obamacare is a job killer when it will kick in only in 2014?  David Gregory seems ultimately uninterested in forcing Bachmann to address that rather perturbing point.)

(Bachmann’s answers suggest that public opinions will be the sole determinant of policy in her presidency. This also suggests that Ms. Bachmann fundamentally misunderstands the structure of our representative democracy. Also it seems that she misunderstands the very notion of causality. It was not the president who caused the problems surrounding the debt ceiling crisis, it was people like her and their dunderheaded intransigence on draconian spending cuts that finally resulted in the final raising of the debt ceiling and indeed, finally caused the S&P downgrade. This wss a Tea Party downgrade.)

Does she want wives should be submissive to her husbands.  Submission and respect.  Ms. Bachmann says that she means submission means respect.  Is this her vision for women in America.

(The issue is where will Ms. Bachmann take the separation between church and state?) God moves her life.  God tells her to do things, god is not simply a source of comfort, and some values that she lays on god, seem ultinately contra the Constitution. )

She thinks homosexuality is no different than being in bondage.  Homosexuality as a sexual disorder-her words. Holy crap!!! Yet she says that she is not standing on judgement on anyone.  Yet she has come out to say that Michelle Bachmann the one who said that homosexuality is nothing but enslavement has not judged anyone.

Chuck Todd, Mike Murphy, Jonathan Martin, Eugene Robinson and Republic Governor of Iowa Terry Bransted are the roundtable.

Mitt Romney, Rick Perry and Michelle Bachman are the top tier.  Perry and Bachmann will be fighting it out to stitch together the Tea Party and social conservatives.  So says Chuck Todd.

Is Iowa the Evangelical caucus?  It might be quite important for Mitt Romney to now court social conservatives, because if he becomes the establishment candidate, he needs to shore up conservatives, since they are most active about the current politics.

The White House is quite pleased that Michelle Bachmann is doing well.  Chuck Todd is reflecting on the point that Bachmann’s still outside the mainstream of the GOP in Congress.  Her position is outside of the majority opinion within the GOP, and indeed within the freshman GOP class in Congress.

Rick Perry is the Governor of Texas, where a third of jobs were created in America. Unfortunately, most of those jobs were created by the federal government, due to investment in big oil and because suburbia has expanded explosively in Texas.

The GOP Governor is talking a buncha crap! So I won’t write about him

How is Mr. Perry any different than his predecessor, Mr. Bush?  Apart from the fact he is harder right than George W. Bush.  Now the GOP tends to nominate the establishment candidate, and Romney is that man.  But Perry might be able to steal votes from the establishment while courting the hard right.  He’s a fantastic candidate for the GOP nomination and a terribly weak candidate for teh general election. Mitt Romney is precisely the opposite of that.

~ by Faheem Haider on August 14, 2011.

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