Real Time Thoughts on Meet the Press (October 2, 2011)

Governors Deval Patrick and Bob McDonnell, respectively of Massachusetts and Virginia, are here to to debate the Obama administration’s jobs performance. And Chris Christie. Chris Christie. Chris Christie. (Not a very interesting edition of Meet the Press is it?)

Governor Patrick is a good communicator and is arguing well for the administration, but with what outcome? Bob McDonnell is a strong opponent in debate. But with what outcome?

The Roundtable.  E.J. Dionne, Mike Murphy, Peggy Noonan, Congressman Xavier Becerra

Mike Murphy is saying that Chris Christie is a strong candidate, but that he may not hit it big.  He needs money and his New York big money backers should back him up or shut up.

Noonan is saying that he needs to figure out what Chris Christie’s relationship with the base is.

E.J.Dionne is saying Perry is going down. And Mitt Romney is not getting less traction that he wants. So what’s going on here?

Mike Murphy is saying out loud: Romney and Perry and we’ve only got 10 days until the candidates are locked into running or staying out.

Bill Richardson is laying out the fact that Rick Perry is moderate on immigration–he’s a border state governor after-all–by the GOP primary voters.

The good news for the GOP is that the exploding Latino vote is turning into swing voters.  If the GOP doesn’t figure out a pro-Latino immigration policy, it’ll be a huge vote for the Democrats.

Sarah Palin thinks being POTUS is gonna shackle her views and choices.  What the hell???!!! E.J. Dionne and Peggy Noonan knows that Sarah Palin will not run.  But she can be a king-maker.

Mike Murphy is brilliant: he’s saying that Mitt Romney wants Sarah Palin to jump in to split the Perry vote.  Perry wants Christie to jump in. Brilliant.

E.J. Dionne is saying that President Obama is now finally arguing his view on politics. But can he show the public that he can get it done, no matter  his mantra “Yes we can.”

Can Obama identify the obstacle, the Republicans?  President Truman was able to point out that he was shackled by the Republicans. Can Obama do it?

Clinton was great at taking over the GOP message. Can Obama do that?  So far, he hasn’t.

Will Obama take the lead of the left?  Will he help manage what may now be the left version of the Tea Party?

And now is the Obama administration in trouble with the left of the assassination of Anwar  al-Awlaki? E.J. Dionne is saying that though at the end of the day he comes down to where the president is, it’s still a hard question–what do you do when your enemy is also your countryman?


~ by Faheem Haider on October 2, 2011.

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