Kinda, Sorta Real Time Thoughts on Meet the Press (October 09, 2011)

Jobs, jobs, jobs and unemployment and the economy.

Mayor of Chicago Rahm Emanuel, former Obama White House Chief of Staff, is here to talk about jobs, unemployment and the economy.  His strongest point: that we are a 21st century economy sitting on 20th century infrastructure.  (Every seven or so years, as Mayor Emanuel points out, the economy innovates in such and such a way, but given the major changes in the economy since the turn of the last century, our economy have moved from the internet to construction, and even if that is partly the reason why our economy has collapsed, investing in infrastructure and construction, and therefore jobs, is the way to turn the economy around.)

Rahm Emnaneul is defending Obama’s moves to save the economy n 2009 and is doing a fine job of it.  The president can’t create jobs, but he can help create the conditions to create jobs.  And sure it’s difficult to get jobs, but every one in corporate and public life is responsible and accountable for the state of economy.

The Occupy Wall Street movement has legitimate claims and those claims are being echoed by the middle-class. Rahm Emmanuel is on the reform government agenda in the city of Chicago.  Investing in public education and is reforming government by getting the public sector and the private sector to compete for bids, and to make more efficient moves in providing services.

Congressman Pau Ryan is here.  Vice President Joe Biden will be here as well.  And later, the roundtable. It consists of Bethany Maclean, Mark Halperin, Luis Gutteriez and Aaron Schock are here.

Congressman Paul Ryan is here to defend the GOP’s take on the economy.  Trade agreements, and lowering corporate tax rates.  And he’s here agruing that the administration is offering views and policies that have not worked. (What are those policies that won’t work, sir?)

He is arguing that 40-60% of small business owners do their taxes by reporting individual taxes. Raising corporate taxes therefore negatively effects small business owners.  So corporate taxes shouldn’t be raised. (No this just means that corporate tax loopholes that allow corporations to report taxes as individuals need to be closed.)

Austerity alone, when there’s no demand in the economy won’t work.  (He is saying that businesses want certainty and that lowering tax cuts will work and that stimulus spending won’t work. Now, here’s the problem: most of the stimulus spending was in fact tax cuts.)

(The very fact that Herman Cain has double digit polling number shows you how crazy the GOP primary voter is.)

Occupy Wall Street. The reality is that the populist anger is legitimate.  The reality is that nevertheless scapegoating Wall Street, though correct is not useful.

~ by Faheem Haider on October 14, 2011.

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