Real Time Thoughts on Meet the Press (October 16, 2011)

Herman Cain and his nut job 999 tax plan. That’s what today’s all about.

Invisible taxes????? Replaced with a 9% tax???  He is arguing that his crazy 9% taxes are not additive, but simply replacements for the current tax code.

This, contrary to the fact that almost everyone who is serious thinks that all of Herman Cain’s tax code is additive, and is deeply regressive.  And even if Democrats and Republicans all agree that the marginal rates need to be lowered, there is huge fight about how to do that.  Nevertheless Cain is saying that he would actually push through a rejection of the entire tax code and then using public support and simplicity to get his crazy plan passed through.

On the Occupy Wall Street: he is saying that the protesters should protest against the White House.  Do liberals seek to destroy the economy? Yes, according to Cain. Also stupid people are here to destroy America.  Stupid people are not informed.

Herman Cain thinks he is a Black American, not an African American.  His claims suggest that he moving into the xenophobic wing of the American public.

Neo-conservative?  No sir. He is not familiar with the Neo-conservative movement.  But he does not think that the war in Iraq was a mistake. (What the hell????)

Yet he doesn’t think that the war in Afghanistan is going well.  And there’s the fact that he will not use “Wise Men” to help govern.  So all the talent that’s actually simmering in DC will not be brought to bear against problems in the United States.

Electric fence that would kill illegal immigrants?! That was apparently a joke. (Oh lawdy lawdy lawd).  No exceptions for abortions under any circumstances, including the life of the mother.  He’d turn over Roe V. Wade. And if a family needed to abort a child for the sake of a life of a mother that decision would be up to the family.

Cain LOVES Justice Clarence Thomas.  Great. Absolutely GREAT!!!

But he claims that he is raising a million dollars a week.  (Let’s see what that means down the road.) Mitt Romney is the Wall Street executive. Cain is the Main Street executive.

Chuck Todd and Katty Kay.  Rick Perry can push his way into the top tier again.  He has a lot of fans who want him to go forward.

But Cain needs a political machine.  He needs to get more people to stand with him, people who are serious about national politics.  But thanks the lawd that most GOP voters care most about similarity to their views.  A minority wants a candidate who can beat President Obama.  This means that the GOP base is a buncha purists.

Obama et al. wants Perry to keep attacking Romney.  Obama wants the GOP to cut into itself as much as possible. And there’s the somewhat scary fact that the GOP base is precisely the kind of voter that Perry needs.  Yet he can’t seem to take off. But there’s also the fact that despite numerous blunders Perry is still in office.

Bobby Jindal wants to speak for Rick Perry.  Tim Pawlenty is here to debate as a Romney surrogate.

Jindal supports Perry because he is a true conservative.  Pawlenty supports Romney because he is the best candidate to take on President Obama.  That’s how people are looking at this race.  True believers versus electability.

Evangelical Christians do not think that Mormonism amount to Christianity.  How will Perry distance himself from pastors who are denouncing Romney.


~ by Faheem Haider on October 16, 2011.

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