Real Time Thoughts on Meet the Press (November 20th 2011)

Today on Meet the Press: Newty Newt Newt. Why are we talking about him? We know that Newt’s a really weak candidate and that the roving Rightists are going to dump him as soon as it’s conceivably convenient for them.

Senators Kerry and Kyl are here to talk about the deficit cutting super-committee.  Grover Norquist has come out to say that he’s had promises from House and Senate GOP leadership that there’d be no new taxes.  Now Senator Jon Kyl is saying that the GOP would raise some taxes as long as the Bush tax cuts are made permanent.

David Gregory is pointing out that making the Bush tax cuts permanent raises the deficit. Whatever the Democrats’ hesitation to cut entitlement spending.  If you really want to deal with the deficit, then let the Bush tax cuts lapse on everyone.  (How is this not simply the case, whatever the president’s strategic gamble to let the Bush tax cuts on the wealthiest Americans lapse by kicking the can till past his 2012 re-election.)

Republicans are offering only a deal that lowers tax rates on the richest Americans. Yet Senator Kyl is saying that the GOP plans raises taxes on the very rich–tax reform, Kyl wants to call it.  And yet he insists that the GOP Senate was offering new net tax revenue.

If the GOP and DEM’s fail there will be automatic spending cuts, a lot of it in the Department of Defense.  (That’s not actually true. Those spending cuts will be triggered in early 2013.  So spending will be cut, and it will be done in a controlled manner, whatever the net outcome now.)

Senator Kyl is hedging on the question whether he thinks Gingrich can win the GOP nomination. Kyl’s hedging–i.e Gingrich can’t make it.)

Senator Kerry is admitting that Senator Kyl is speaking untruths: President Obama and the Democrats cut spending without a single penny in new taxes. He’s pointing out that Kyl is allowing the deal to lapse for automatic cuts, but what about the fact that the market will look to what the Congress has or has not done.

Kerry is pointing out that this is a deficit cutting committee not a tax cutting committee.  Is it possible that the GOP is allowing a deal to fall apart with the expectation it will take up the Senate and the White House?  What about the Norquist plan?

The Toomey plan does not exist; it also works on closing tax loopholes, while pushing through a permanent Bush tax cut.

Senator Kerry is pointing out that the Democrats put up a lot of entitlement, sacred cows on the table and it was rejected by the GOP since the Democrats needed new revenue to offset

Kerry is pointing out that almost every committee recommended $2 trillion in new revenue with at least $4 trillion in cuts.  And whatever  the ways in which the Democrats have slashed new revenue, the GOP has rejected every possible offer.  What the Democrats can put up $1.2 trillion as long as the GOP doesn’t insist on making permanent Bush’s tax cuts.

David Gregory is pointing out that the White House is hands off the newest negotiations on spending cuts. In this election cycle is that hands off approach acceptable. Kerry is pointing out that the GOP leadership demanded that Obama stay out off the negotiations.

Ed Gillespie, Mike Murphy, Dee Dee Myers and Eugene Robinson are the roundtable.

There’s so much that the right doesn’t like about Mitt Romney that Gingrich could make a difference in the nomination. He could go all the way. (No he can’t; he’ll screw it up.)

But Gillespie is saying that the GOP nomination is going with a proportional vote. So that’ll provide plenty of incentive of the smaller candidates like Bachmann and Ron Paul.

Now Gingrich has taken a bunch of money from Freddie Mac-but Jack Abramoff has come out to say that that’s the kind of corruption that Americans hate.

(The Republican electorate are friggin’ crazy, up and down up and down. Bipolar, no doubt.)

But why Gingrich? Is it only because of snow he’s the last man standing? For he is a really weak candidate.

Gillespie is pointing out that Obama’s putting the onus on the economy; that he’s apologizing for American economic weaknesses.

Murphy and Robinson are saying that Obama’s language is not necessarily the most optimistic view on the American consciousness.

The Iowa Caucus is on January 3rd, 2012. Who knows who the new Rightist darling will be.

~ by Faheem Haider on November 20, 2011.

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