Real Time Thoughts on Meet the Press (November 27, 2011)

Today on Meet the Press, Grover Norquist is here to defend why he’s helped the GOP turn into goats, bleating goats. And how the GOP has gone over the cliff, bleating it’s merry way to ossified obsolescence.

The payroll tax holiday extension will pass Chuck Schumer is saying. Unemployment benefits? It’s hard to say.

DOD cuts? Nope.  At least not until 2012. (He seems to be inclined to wager that Obama will win in 2012 and will have the strategic upper-hand.  It’s hard to see how that can be good policy.  But, we’ll have to see.)

Democrats jacked up revenue demands so high that the GOP couldn’t negotiate in good faith? Okay, but we know that the Democrats offered entitlement cuts contrary to the AARP’s threats.

Schumer is saying that Bowles-Simpson will pass. At least 3 trillion in savings, yadiyada.

Schumer is saying that 2012 will bring about a new Democratic resurgence. Income inequality, helping the middle class is now ascendant. Cutting public spending,  cut, cut cut has been discounted.  All this favors President Obama’s re-election.

Grover Norquist??? Yikes. Alan Simpson has come out to say that Norquist is a megalomaniac, the most powerful figure in American politics.  No taxes even if the country goes to hell.

Norquist is saying that Republican presidents have not cut spending though they’ve raised taxes.  (He didn’t say that the Republicans are the ones to have raised taxes: Reagan and Bush’ 41.)

Government spending does not create jobs?????!!! What???!!! Why is David Gregory not taking this idiot to task?

Gingrich is the Anti-Romney Romney. Romney is from Massachusetts. He can’t be a right as GOP primary voters need him to be.

Michael Eric Dyson is saying that if the GOP primary voter needs a moral, upstanding, yadiyada then Gingrich is a problem for those voters.

Doris Kearns Goodwin is saying that Gingrich’s personal character problems may not count for the GOP voter. Gregory is pointing out that Romney might need a Huckabee for Vice President. Romney is not well-loved, so he might need a proper Conservative to back him.

Who will the National Review endorse?

“Illegal” immigrants? What of them? Gingrich has called for legalizing undocumented immigrants with a path to residency. But Romney called for more in 2008–proper citizenship.

Bush lowered taxes, and there were no jobs created relative to Clinton’s tax increases.

Why is the GOP resistance to the payroll tax holiday not resistance to tax cuts? He’s trumpeting the fact that the vast majority of Republicans have taken a pledge to not raise taxes, whatever the circumstance.  Times have changed. How will not raising taxes help cut spending.

So what happens if a Republican raises taxes?

The right is resurgent. How and why? Meacham is saying that Obama has not come to Americans on an emotional footing.  He has not been a good explainer.

Kearns Goodwin is saying that Obama can take on Teddy Roosevelt as a model. He needs to call for balance and a “fair deal”.

Beschloss is saying that given the major crises we’ve lived through, Americans haven’t come out to politicize in a way that might have galvanized them–at least in narrative terms.

~ by Faheem Haider on November 27, 2011.

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