Real Time Thoughts on Meet the Press (December 04, 2011)

David Axelrod is here to talk about President Obama’s economic message, no doubt thanks to the decent November unemployment numbers. (8.6 unemployment-the lowest rate since March 2009, two months into Obama’s presidency.)

Axelrod is talking about why and how the GOP could allow middle-class tax rates to go up (payroll tax cuts and the Bush tax cuts) in lieu of allowing the tax rates on the richest Americans go up.

Why did Obama not embrace the Simpson Bowles Commission plan to reduce the deficit.  Erskine Bowles asserted that Obama’s Chicago team (which includes Axelrod) wanted the president to go after Paul Ryan presented his budget plan. And after that was chewed out, he was going to come out swinging-but that didn’t happen.

Herman Cain is finally out.  Does Herman Cain ultimately help President Obama’s campaign for 2012? Axelrod dodged this question and went on a drive on Romney.

What about Romney’s moral core?  How can this be the case for a man who has been married for 40 years and who is essentially a priest. Axelrod’s claim is that the charge brought against Romney is about his public character.  (So this an argument that the Democrats would do well to push on.)

Axelrod is saying that campaigns are comparative tough things.  (This is part of the Obama campaigns move to draw the 2012 election as a choice, not a referendum of his 4 years in power.)

Reince Priebus is here to defend the Republican position on the anti-Obama narrative. What about the fact that economic data show a slowly, but steadily growing economic numbers?

Priebus is barking on about facts that are narrative and narrative only.  On Cain’s dropping out of the 2012 race due principally to the charges of sexual misconduct brought against him many times.  Priebus’ argument is that Cain did only the prudent thing to do because he was hemorrhaging money and talent.  (That he was losing steam because people think he is a distraction is the real issue-not his money.  Lookey what happened to John McCain in 2008.)

Guess what? Reince Priebus’ favorite schtick!

Newt Gingrich has said that poor people don’t have any work habits. He’s said that child labor laws are stupid.  Reince Priebus who is the Chair of the GOP is saying that his job is not to look after the candidates out there for the GOP nominations. (Priebus has more or less said that his opinion as Chair of the Republican National Committee doesn’t matter.)

The Roundtable is up next.

Katty Kay, Mark Halperin, Joe McQuaid–the Publisher of a top New Hampshire newspaper that endorsed Gingrich, Harold Ford Jr. are the roundtable.

Halperin, is saying that Cain dropping out to implies that the anti-Romney vote could consolidate around Newt Gingrich.

Ford Jr. is talking about Gingrich’s strengths as a serious thinker; but that he has a propensity to implode. He’s come out to say that he is the inevitable nominee. But the thing is that the GOP voters might love his bluster and he might beat back Romney by consolidating the conservative vote.

Katty Kay is wondering how hard the Romney campaign should go after Gingrich. The Republican party machine is deathly afraid of a Gingrich GOP nomination.

Katty Kay is saying that given the current argument about inequality (brought about principally by the Occupy Wall Street movement) Gingrich’s conservative baiting on urban poverty, etc, is not going to work in the general election.

What about Romney’s flip-flopping on immigration? And what does that mean now?  Harold Ford Jr. is now saying that the American people can accept changing views on policy issues. But that Romney’s views look like those changes have been motivated by political expediency.

~ by Faheem Haider on December 4, 2011.

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