Real Time Thoughts on Meet the Press (December 11, 2011)

Ron Paul is here to speak about his candidacy and his views on the top candidate for the GOP presidential nomination-Newt Gingrich!! (Still???? What, are the GOP primary voters that ignant that they’re still holding onto a candidate who though rhetorically fiery, is a complete tits up, fake conservative with so many holes in his substance, that he out-cheeses swiss cheese.) Gingrich has 44% favorability in South Carolina and Florida. (What???!!!!)

Gingrich took $1.6 million from Freddie Mac as a “consultant in the private sector”. Ron Paul as a “consistent conservative”, rather, a libertarian is saying that morally Gingrich should give the money that he received from Freddie Mac.  Ron Paul is saying that Gingrich nor Romney are consistent conservatives. Certain Michele Bachmann is the conservative candidate bar-none.

There’s no doubt that Ron Paul is right to say that neither Gingrich nor Romney are “change candidates.”

Gingrich said  that Palestinians are terrorists; that the Palestinians are an “invented people”, or some such-thing,  (Are they not pandering to the Christian conservatives?)

Ron Paul’s position that the U.S. has neither the wisdom nor the capacity to solve the occupation that is behind the intifadah. (Though no doubt that’s my position; he did not, of course, use the language of occupation and so on.)

Ron Paul will not rule out a run as a third-party candidate.

Dick Durbin and Lindsey Graham are here now.

Lindsey Graham is thoroughly supporting Gingrich. Now, he’d led the coup against him as Speaker of the House, so his support seems quite important.  (This suggests that Graham is pandering to his voters in South Carolina.)

Graham isn’t necessarily endorsing Gingrich, but he’s also arguing for the libertarian vote to coincide with the GOP run for the White House.

On inequality and the payroll tax cut, Dick Durban has come out to say that the GOP has refused to allow the millionaire surtax (getting taxed on only the second million dollars and more) to have a tax cut for middle class families.

The Republican House is packaging the legislation on cutting payroll taxes with a deal on a oil pipeline. (On the face of it, given the real facts on inequality-what the hell does that have to do with income inequality?)

Inequality: okay, well the president set up a consumer protection agency to watchdog banks and other real villains of the economy, and the GOP has blocked the nomination of the leader of the organization, former Ohio Attorney General Richard Cordray, and Lindsey Graham is saying that the GOP wants a committee on what he calls is a Stalinist organization, not what a dictator or some such thing.

The Roundtable is up next. Alex Castellanos, Chuck Todd, Lisa Myers,Ted Koppel, Iowa Governor Richard Branstad

Chuck Todd is saying that if Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney are the last men standing then it’ll be an interesting conversation. Todd is saying that Newt’s strength is the year 1994. Newt was then leading the conservative revolution in Congress. Mitt Romney was then approaching the Massachussets voters to say that he was a centrist Republican. (That is to say that he’s not really as conservative as he needs to be to win the GOP nomination.)

Richard  Branstad is just rehashing old GOP talking points: yadiyada, we’re the GOP; we love rich old white men!

Mr. Castellanos is saying that Mitt Romney is running as the cautious guy.  He’s hoping that he’s the last man standing so that the GOP voter has no choice but to stand with him. Gingrich is the fiery guy who is strong and alert to what the GOP voter wants. It may well be that the GOP primary voter doesn’t care what Gingrich was and what he’s done. They just care about getting a guy they think can unseat President Obama.

On foreign policy-Newt Gingrich talked about Palestinians in a way that is more pro-Israel position than any sitting Israeli leader.  That’s pure pandering. If Gingrich were in the White House, how could that be a position that demonstrate a reasonable position in world leadership?  Also the guy is a former history professor-how can that be  position that squares with what he actually knows to be true.

On marriage: Gingrich has come out to say that he’s a 68 year old grandfather. He’s made mistakes and has gone to god for forgiveness. Alex Castellanos is saying that the only problem with his new position-that he is not the old Gingrich–is that as soon as he makes a new mistake, his position that he’s a new man will be found to be false.

On the troop drawdown in Iraq. There is a U.S. consulate 30 miles or less away from Iran’s border. Those 300 and more Americans are vulnerable. If those folks are assaulted, ever, the U.S will come back in a rush into Iraq, whatever the promises between the U.S and Iraq governments.

~ by Faheem Haider on December 11, 2011.

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