Kinda, Sorta, Real Time Thoughts on Meet the Press (August 12, 2012)

Real Time Thoughts on Meet the Press is back after nearly a year out. And not one day too late. (Well, actually, far too many days too late!) Paul Ryan is Mitt Romney’s V.P. pick. Who is Paul Ryan? (Get it? Atlas Shrugged??!! The guy likes bad novels and that one bad novel has this whole Who is X? question posed all over the joint.)

In the intervening time David Gregory has gotten worse at his job as moderator. Moderate all you think brosephus but don’t soft lob questions and certainly, friend, do stand up for answers to the questions you pose.

That bit quipped, GOP Chair Reince Priebus, Gov . Scott Walker will speak on Ryan’s behalf. David Axelrod  will respond. And a massive, massive, massively bright roundtable.

What the hell is Priebus saying? What the hell does he say anytime, anyway? His deep discomfort with his public persona is brightly evident.

David Gregory is asking Priebus: Ryan is the one V.P candidate the Obama campaign wanted to run against. What of it? How is Ryan going to handle this?

Priebus just said the U.S. had a credit downgrade. (Ummm, sir, whose fault was that? John Boehner’s failure to deal with his Tea Party opponents, Je pense.)

Priebus just accused the president of “stealing $700 billion dollars from Medicare to fund Obamacare” What????!! And to that, what about Ryan’s intended plan to privatize Medicare.

Priebus said Obama “has blood on his hands”. Why is David Gregory not stopping him?

And why is he not stronger on the question as to how the GOP can countenance this argument when Ryan has promised to dismantle Medicare.

And is he ready for office? After all Rya has no private sector experience; no foreign affairs experience.

Priebus’ response? That Ryan has 14 years of experience in Congress. (I thought the whole point of the election was to run against Washington?!)

Scott Walker is talking about liking the fact that one cheesehead is in the ticket.  This is a game changer because Ryan listens to his interlocutors and is smart. (Is that a qualification for one to be a game changer?) Sounds like Gov. Walker wants to use language that compares Ryan well to Pres. Obama and to Sarah Palin as a rebel.

Governor Walker is speaking of Medicare reform is a move to protect the younger generations. (But, again, how does privatizing and taking apart Medicare do that?)

Is the GOP ready to defend Chairman Ryan’s budget against rhetoric that the GOP has never been able to defend? Governor Walker elided that question.

Is Wisconsin ready to vote for a GOP ticket. Mr. Walker says he is though its been at least 4 cycles since voters in Wisconsin voted for the GOP.

David Axelrod is here as well. His argument is precisely that the GOP base loves this pick. And, he’ll soon say that the Democrats like this choice as well.

This choice clarifies the election as a choice, not a referendum.

Remember when Gingrich called the Ryan plan “Right-wing social engineering.”  Gregory is saying that Ryan wants to go out and project Obama as someone who’s not concerned with preserving Medicare and that Ryan and Romney will change Medicare for the better.

And given that he rubber stamped the Bush years, how can he be credibly thought of as a deficit hawk?

The rest of the argument is a bit too close to all the news you’ve read before, heard before.

The Burton-PAC Priorities, USA’s hard ad that implies Bain was responsible for that lady’s death.  What of that? Well, Axelrod, says the ad doesn’t imply that. But it does show that Bain jacked up companies with debt and those companies went bankrupt and this is part of Romney’s record. And by the way, how come Mitt Romney is making that line of argument when his own campaign came out with its own ad that puts out patent falsehoods.

Chuck Todd, Dan Balz, Rachel Maddow and Bill Bennet are the roundtable. (Bill Bennet???!! Oy!)

Todd is saying that Romney needed a change from the argument of Obama the Non-Carer in Chief, the referendum on the economy and doing absolutely nothing about that. And more to the point what shook up Romney was his higher unpopularity number. This is now a proper political choice.

Dan Balz is saying there is a nice and sharp contrast between the two tickets.

Rachel Maddow is smiling here. Democrats think, she says, that the issue is now a choice. Do you like Medicare? Then get behind Pres. Obama.

Bill Benett, for whom Paul Ryan worked, thinks Mr. Ryan is a serious candidate. He’s not caricature, he says. (Though, c’mon Ryan is a caricature of himself.) Bennet is saying that Ryan has “a winning way”. (What the hell does that matter? Unless all he wants is a conversation about politics as only rhetoric?)

Rich Lowry is saying that Republicans should go on offense on Medicare. Why, because Demcrats would have attacked Romney on Medicare anyway. Also, because Obama cut $700 billion from Medicare. And as a result he’s bound to destroy Medicare.  Keep in mind of course that Romney wants to repeal those cuts. (Yes, yes, yes. Sure.)

Maddow is saying that because Ryan keeps those cuts and Romney wants to replace the whole Obama plan, this implies that we might well have a battle between the Ryan plan and the Romney plan.

Todd is saying that it’s not obvious how the GOP will deal with the conversation about Medicare. And, as a result the spread between the two tickets just got bigger; this is a mandate election.

Balz: Ryan has not won the argument about Medicare even within his own party. Let’s leave the Democrats and Independents out of it. What about Republicans who have no idea how to deal with this problem.

Premium Support? Let’s just call it voucherization!

Florida, Iowa, Pennsylvania have the oldest populations of the battleground states. Given Ryan’s pick those states are now all swinging toward Obama.

Higher risk? Higher reward? Sure, but what does Bennett have to say about that? That Pres. Obama is wrecking this country. And that because this is now a nationalized election, this is an argument about reflection on what kind of country we should have. Well, yes, but surely a normative view on what this country should be, i.e a proper normative view, should reject the Ryan-Romney plan.

Maddow is saying that Ryan wants revenue neutrality in his tax reform. This isn’t the work of a deficit hawk; Ryan’s a supply-sider.

Rich Lowry is such a douchebag: he wants Maddow to defend Obamas $700 billion cut in Medicare. Okay, why should she? She’s not running for high office.  Meanwhile, why shouldn’t we comment on the fact that the GOP is running on this Obama narrative when Ryan wants to hold onto those cuts as well. If this holds, this implies there’s going to be fight between the Romney plan and the Ryan plan.


~ by Faheem Haider on August 12, 2012.

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