Real Time Thoughts on Meet the Press (August 26, 2012)

Republican National Convention, ahoy! Ahh, what a gam!  Meet the Press is live from the RNC nominating convention in Tampa. The man who could have been king, Jeb Bush is here via pre taped video to speak to the RNC’s complete meltdown vis-a-vis the so-called Independent Voter.

Hurricane Isaac is throwing down Noah’s troubles on the RNC: the convention has been pushed back for Monday. Who knows whether they’ll get back to the convention center come Tuesday.

Remember that Hurricane Gustav took down the RNC this time four years ago. Is this a jinx? Changes in the RNC’s program. And to that fact that the public has a thing “called channel changers” the GOP can’t afford too much time out. (Did McCain just call a remote control a channel changer. Yes, he did. Why the hell did he do that? How old  and out of touch is he?)

McCain responded to the Akin and Romney’s birther fiasco mostly by dodging the contents and problematics behind it. And in deed, McCain is surprised (surprised?!) that Romney is neck and neck with Pres. Obama. (Surprises? Romney should have been pulling ahead, given this terrible economy. The surprise is that Obama is doing so well.)

McCain is saying that Obama has out-spent Mitt Romney. (No, he has not in general. Yes, the Obama treasure chest is larger but Romney’s outsider help advantage is MUCH larger. Why hasn’t David Gregory picked up on this issue? Why hasn’t Gregory fed that response back to McCain?)

Jeb Bush, son and brother of a president. Father of the presumptive savior of the GOP. Bush wants the GOP to talk about big issues. He thought that Ryan’s addition to the ticket was the ticket to that. But, while the GOP is interested in talking about jobs, what it does about the GOP that all Republicans have been talking about abortion. Bush wants Romney and the GOP wants to stay focused on jobs and debt. He needs to stick to that.

Gregory is trying to get Bush to talk about raising revenue as part of a solution to our economic woes. This is a pragmatic issue that Bush would best fit into, but per usual he’s dodging it. Mostly by rueing partisanship and gridlock in D.C. Wait he just said that raising revenue IS part of the solution.

Jeb Bush points out that the reason Akin is being pushed away by the GOP is not about his views on abortion or as he likes to call it, life, but rather on his misguided views on rape.

Bush is saying that on his talk for the GOP convention, he’ll be talking about education. The fact that only 33% of Americans by 12th grade are job -ready is a national tragedy. And that unless individual capabilities are addressed they won’t be able to attend to the jobs they need, the services they’ll offer. (This is contrary to the current GOP philosophy.)

The gender and cultural divide on the current GOP ticket. Jeb Bush is saying that unless the GOP figures out a way to broaden its coalition it will fail in the coming decades. Although that problem will not affect this election.(This means that the GOP is hobbling on a tiny coalition of white men. Yoicks!)

Mike Murphy, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Chuck Todd and Gov. Jan Brewer constitute the round table. (Why the hell is Jan Brewer here??? I mean, I know why, but really, why??)

Chuck Todd is saying that the convention will give neither candidate a poll bump. Murphy is saying that both parties are going to have conventions on Romney. This because, according to him, Obama will not run on his record, bad, etc, etc, and so the president will seek to destroy Romney. (This is true, but that’s now turning out to be so easy!)

Wasserman Schultz is amazing. She’s that (political) pitbull Sarah Palin was talking about now 4 years ago.

Chuck Todd is saying that the president has turned this election into a values election. Now, every election is a values election. But it seems like Obama has come out on top of that.  If this continues, Obama will have portrayed Romney as on the other side of the values of lots of segmented parts of the U.S voting population, i.e. women and senior citizens.

The Akin comment upset loads of Republican women, what about that Mike Murphy? His answer that the Akin advantage in his primary is not a mandate. Over time as Romney gets out his message the Akin comments won’t matter. (This means that Murphy just said Senator McCaskill will keep her Senate seat.)

Chuck Todd just pointed that though nationally people say the election is really close, if you look at the map you note that a lot of the swing states swing toward the president. It’ll be really hard for Romney to win.

Jan Brewer just said some nonsense about women and then pivoted to say that women care about jobs. I wish she’d stop about Governor Romney as President Romney.

Mitt Romney has single digit advantages over the president over economic issues. Wasserman Schultz is saying that the advantage is narrow and can be overcome when the president’s plans are made public during the DNC convention.

Chuck Todd is saying that there is a Congressman disadvantage for Paul Ryan and that it’ll be interesting to see what that drag is.

Oooo, let’s see what the next few days have on offer for wonks and politicos.

~ by Faheem Haider on August 26, 2012.

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