Real Time Thoughts on Meet the Press (September 23, 2012)

Governor Deval Patrick and Senator Kelly Ayotte are here to represent their respective party candidates for presidents. If it’s Sunday (and it is) it’s [time to or politicians will] Meet the Press.

This could be fun, though who knows? For Romney continues to suffer from foot in mouth disease. (President Obama isn’t helping himself by saying things like he can’t change Washington from within. This is all about the 47% (those who do not pay income tax.)

Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed, Joe Scarborough Dee Dee Myers, David Brooks make up the roundtable. Chuck Todd is gonna hash out some new polls.

Romney paid 14% of his investment income in taxes in 2011. Gov. Patrick is saying that though it’s interesting to talk about Romney’s tax returns the question is what he’ll do the taxes of the the rest of the American people.

Gregory citing Ezra Klein: Romney is unemployed and has paid 14% in taxes last year for investment income; what about the mother of two who works at Walmart and gets insurance from Medicaid. That’s a government hand out isn’t it? Is that person not taking care of herself given what Gov. Romney said in his private talk to donors.

Romney went out there and said that he’s done with 47% of Americans at that donor talk. Now Romney is saying that he represents 100% of Americans.  Ayotte is saying that what Romney wants to do is lift up that 47% from welfare, government handouts to fend for themselves. This whole thing about Romney is apparently about upward mobility?! (Again, by implication does this mean that those Americans who pay all kinds of taxes, apart from income tax, are in need of help to stand with dignity? Is dignity not something that is conferred by simply standing up? Is government aid the thing that humiliates one?)

Governor Patrick, whose mother was on welfare and food stamps and who was aspiring to be well-off didn’t need to be put down by a potential leader of this country. And what kind of leader would do that?

Governor Patrick is saying that President Obama has helped add 47 million jobs over the last 3 years, more than President Bush helped create in his 8 years in office. Sure, the Americans who are on food stamps are not well-off but that they would take jobs, they would take  jobs offered to them but that this is the case in a circumstance where lots of Americans are suffering in the middle of the worst economy since the 1930s.

Governor Patrick is saying that what we need to talk about is the kind of leadership we need for the kind of country we want. We need to know what we want our government to do. Romney would leave the people to themselves on their own terms, this according to what he said himself. Now is that what we want?

Is Sen. Ayotte really saying that Pres. Obama is fanning the fires of class warfare when Gov. Romney went out and specifically divided Americans into the 47% and the rest of “us”?

Chuck Todd is saying that economic optimism is the reason why Pres. Obama is doing well in the battle-ground states.  42% of Americans are thinking up for the next 4 years. This is the best data on this for the last 3 years.

Joe Scarborough: Romney is a data driven guy; he’s going to do well during the debates. That said, the Romney campaign’s trajectory needs to change. Think that his comments on Libya are possibly worse than what he said about the 47% in that recorded talk.

Bay Buchanan, senior advisor to the Romney campaign is saying that what Romney said during his recorded talk was simply an analysis about strategy for a general election. This is in response to David Gregory’s correct claim that what Romney said during that talk he went from politics to a policy position. (This is precisely correct. Thank you David Gregory!)

Kasim Reed is brilliant; he’s a fighter for Pres. Obama and he’s shown no signs of backing down from the Republican machine.

David Brooks is saying that Romney is the perfect candidate for the “compassionate conservative” message. He’s lived that life; he hasn’t live the life that he’s pushing. He’s pushing another argument he doesn’t believe in.

I love the fact that Bay Buchanan and Joe Scarborough are fighting against each other for the title of who is a proper conservative.   Does Romney really like Reagan and Thatcher?!

Joe Scarborough is surely right that the Romney campaign is wrong to say that the campaign is going well. That’s simply not true. The campaign has had one of the worst weeks during the whole cycle. Whatever the case, its 45 or so days out of the election and whether or not its a good idea to switch things around, the campaign is not doing well.

Dee Dee Myers thinks that Romney has never gotten outside of his comfort zone. And when he is in his comfort zone, he says stuff that Americans will not accept and that actually cuts into any decent view of what it is to be American.

David Brooks is saying, correctly, that Pres. Obama does not have a second term message. (This is true. But at least he’s pushing a positive agenda.)

Paul Ryan got booed at his speech at the AARP. So, okay Paul Ryan ran the numbers at the talk. But the problem is that any change in Medicare is going to require revenue raises. (If the Republicans can’t get serious about this, perhaps Americans should take them to task.)

Bay Buchanan just misrepresented  the $716 billion up for debate in changes here and there on Medicare. This doesn’t help serious thinker come to terms with what’s happening in the Romney campaigns move for the presidency.

~ by Faheem Haider on September 23, 2012.

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