Real Time Thoughts on Meet the Press (January 20, 2013)


Gun Control! No, let’s call it moves on gun safety, against gun crime. And, oh yes, Happy Inauguration Day/MLK Day. (Though I suspect that both the left and the right think otherwise and will accept that I mean the invocation as a joke.)

Senators Chuck Schumer and Ted Cruz are here pro and contra the gun safety debate. Chuck Schumer is here to say that law enforcement stands with the Brady bill.

Will Senator Cruz stand with say the universal background checks. What about the private citizen to private citizen  sale loop hole? Ted Cruz has little say about that. Why? Because his view is that all licensed sellers of guns require sales to go through background checks. Sure, but what about the fact that up to (and maybe more) 40% of gun sales in the U.S are private citizen to private citizens.

Why would you as a law-abiding citizen mind if the guns you sold were regulated so that you’d know that

Is it over the line that the NRA ran an ad that suggested the president’s children are protected by armed guards. (Never mind that the presidents children are protected by the Secret Service and the kids have no call over that. In fact, neither does the president.) To that Senator Cruz

Schumer brings up that Heller settles that sure there are 2nd amendment rights and that a woman who wants to bear arms to protect herself has that right. But Heller also lays out there regulations to gun ownership are also part and parcel of the 2nd Amendment right. The right wants to say that the left thinks that the 1st Amendment cannot be regulated. That’s not true: there are plenty of regulations, limits to the 1st amendment and we live with them everyday. It’s simply not true that, as the right wants to have it, that there cannot be limits to the 2nd Amendment.

What about the Democrats moves on the debt ceiling?  What will the Republicans do to maintain the full faith and credit of the United States.

On the Democrats budget. Schumer is saying the Democrats will pass a budget this year. This will lay out the fact that the Democrats will lay down what needs to get done.

On Chuck Hagel, Chuck Schumer is ready to say that he will support Hagel as Sec. Def. Whether he’ll leave all options on the table, whether if he needed to employ the military against Iran. Unilateral sanctions? Sure, Hagel’s for them! Whether Hezbollah and Hamas should be tagged G-Units…oh sorry, terrorist units? Sure. (And on and on…listen Chuck Hagel’s the right guy for the Pentagon in the next 4 years: the man who will cut the Pentagon budget. Unilateral sanctions aren’t actually unilateral. The military option against Iran will not come to be, at least from the U.S.)

Schumer loves Kelly Clark.  Okay, well, great!

Obama’s 2nd inaugural. Only 16 U.S. presidents have delivered 2 inaugural speeches. Reagan and Clinton delivered speeches that pointed to both their legacies and their primary issues; what will Obama say?

The roundtable is Chuck Todd, apparently. No, not really. He’s here delivering polls about President Obama and his popularity. 49% favor his policies; therefore a majority disfavor his policies. And on and on..(Okay, so what??!!)

Ton Brokaw, Joe Scarborough, Doris Kearns Goodwin, Richard Engel and David Axelrod are the roundtable. And, of course, theres Chuck Todd.

Brokaw: the president needs to dial back government spending and the American people need to figure out how to live with a declining set of stuff from the gummint. We need to figure out how to put our fiscal house back in order. This given the fact that Pres. Obama has only 2 years to get all that done. This, up until the midterm elections. (Okay, and what of that?? What does that imply for the American people and the president?)

Joe Scarborough: President Obama has a second chance to get politics done right. He needs to work with both Democrats and Republicans. He needs to go reach out to other leaders.

Axelrod: the president needs to do more than just deal with the fiscal issues. He needs to deliver an economy that has work through the tide of fiscal deleveraging. And along the way President Obama needs to show the American people a vision for the future and he needs to pass new policies that deliver that vision.

Richard Engel: keep in mind that given all this, the world will throw a wrench into the president’s plans. And that’s the thing right, the world is pulling back from the American model. The American model of democracy is declining. The U.S. is losing its clout. A lot of people in the Middle East are thinking in terms of the Chinese model of “economic democracy.”

What about the future? Tom Brokaw is saying that for now the president is sitting purdy but think about the Republicans. its a smaller party and it’s getting smaller. The Republicans need to future out how to manage a broader and larger tent. They are at historic lows in terms of popularity.

Everyone here is saying that we need to fix stuff and do stuff. Joe Scarborough is saying that he agrees with the GOP’s move to kick the can down the road in exchange for the Democrats promise to pass a budget for the first time in 3 years.  David Axelrod is saying that contra the argument that the president hasn’t done anything to move on cutting spending on entitlements, he has done a lot. It’s just that the Republicans haven’t work with him on what even they want. (Blah, blah, blah; we’ve heard all this before!! Enough!)

An Iranian nuclear weapon?! Engel is saying that there might well be a clash between an ever-more Rightist Israel and an ever-more Rightist Iran, there might well be a conflict there. Given all this, given the local politics in D.C. it just doesn’t look like the U.S. is engaged.

When we talk about the U.S’s move to re-orient to the East-the Orient, if you will, people need to look at the Middle East and in Pakistan and Afghanistan. People need to be much more serious about the world.

Engel brings up the fact that the Obama administration’s move to turn its back on Mubarak in Egypt was important. Had he made a different move Libya would not have happened, nor would Syria have happened. And in terms of the U.S reach out to the world, the drone program is the sign of the U.S.

~ by Faheem Haider on January 20, 2013.

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