Real Time Thoughts on Meet the Press (January 27, 2013)


Paul Ryan is here on Meet the Press! (As Pres. Obama starts his second term Congressman Ryan has been sending conciliatory signals; perhaps, he’s angling for president in 2016? No! Really. y’think!?!!?!)

This is interesting because Congressman Ryan and his Republican acolytes have been pushing his budget-his rejected plan for what he’d want this country to be–and so we go again. Ryan’s said that he wants to put down a down-payment on the deficit and debt. What of that? (This, after the debt-ceiling has been pushed back 3 months?)

(Sure, Congressman Ryan’s point that the Democratic Party controlled Senate hasn’t passed a budget in 4 years does hamstring the Democrats, but this year, because they need to defend so many seats in the Senate in 2014, they’ll come out and show their “moderate politics” by passing that dang-fangled budget!)

(Okay, for some gawd awful reason, NBC’s all frozen; the other channels are doing their thing. So until things get figured out, I’m in stasis here.)

Okay, back again! Now that the new term is up and around. So how does Ryan’s budget knocked down during the election stand up now? Ryan voted against benefits for Hurricane Sandy victims?

Ryan just said that the safety net programs are sapping the energy of American work and effort? (Okay, so what part of that is sapping American energy? After all, after Congressman Ryan’s father died he received Social Security survivor benefits? Isn’t that part of the safety net program?  (If food stamps is the best Paul Ryan can do, it implies that the Republicans are not going to touch entitlements. They’ll let Democrats make the changes that need to be made and will campaign against Democrats as the folks who did in grandma.)

Earned legalization?! Isn’t legalization just a process? How does one earn a process? One has to do the things one has to do to get immigration. In so far as that’s earning something-sure. But, the GOP needs to get rid of immigration as a wedge issue that cuts against them. So, let’s just knock off the nonsense and do up comprehensive immigration reform that puts out a real path to citizenship for everyone who qualifies for what one hopes turn out to be pragmatic and reasonable laws.

Congressman Ryan just said that yes, immigration reform will get done. He also said that “the president has a big speech coming up….”(he means the State of Union speech!) but he wants to see whether the president is going

Congressman Ryan is here to say that we don’t want to follow failed policies of the past. He means: “No to the assault weapons ban”. He’s okay with background checks and moves to better mental health (the GOP’s move is simply on the last bit). This means that background checks will probably go forward.

His argument is that no, food stamps! We need to hand out foodstamps to those who are eligible for it. (And here I thought that the program with the food stamp program is that not enough people who qualify for it, actually get the benefit! By the way, that is the problem with food stamps.) After all, according to him, the president doesn’t think there’s a spending problem. (No, that’s not true. The president has gone on record loads of times to say that he supports a balanced program of cuts and revenue.)

Congressman Ryan is saying that the president wants to defeat, finally, the Republican Party for good. (Okay, well, fine. What you gonna do about that?)

Ben Jealous, Ted Koppel, Bob Woodward, Former Sen. Jim Demint and Andrea Mitchell are the roundtable.

Charles Krauthammer: Pres. Obama wants to be the Reagan of the left. Is this right. (Okay, fine, Mr. Krauthammer. What you gonna do about that?)

Bob Woodward is saying that the president is playing politics. (No SHIT! Really?!) Obama told Woodward that the spending trajectory is untenable? (Well, we know that too!) Apparently, though the GOP is playing politics, so is President Obama. (Why the hell is Bob Woodward placing the blame for the current situation on President Obama. He knows well that like the Republicans the president needs to play politics as well (after all why be president; how can you be president, after all?)

Andrea Mitchell is saying that the Inaugural Speech should not be viewed as a State of the Union speech.  That’s a broad vision. The State of the Union is when the president lays down his plan. They’re different beasts. (The president as much as anyone else knows about political realities.)

Former Senator DeMint is saying that there are two visions of America. (David Gregory is pointing out that we just had an election. The American people chose Pres. Obama’s vision. Does DeMint’s view deny the president’s vision. And do we now still need to talk about two visions since, even according to Congressman Ryan said, 2013 will be decided by the American people?)
Bob Woodward just said a whole buncha stuff that’s not very different than Republican talking points. Including, by the way, the view that you have to lifts all boats with an over-whelming tide. (Last I checked that’s the kinda shit that sinks boats!) Get people at the lowest level moving by having a healthy economy. Oy, what kind of nonsense is this. There are lots of ways to get momentum going in the economy. It is simply not true that you deliver both macro-level moves to goose up the economy and also help those who most need help.)
There will immigration reform. There will be some gun control moves, says Andrea Mitchell.
Governor Bobby Jindal recently said that the GOP needs to stop being the Stupid Party. (According to DeMint, politicians are the real takers? Yikes! Isn’t that what Jim DeMint was until last month or so?)

David Gregory asked Jim DeMint whether the GOP should stop with the dumb, stupid rhetoric about rape–the charge Gov. Jindal laid out against the GOP.  DeMint, to that, said the GOP should investigate how to support states who are defending the rights and, indeed, the personhood of (in vitro) children.

Why the hell is Jim DeMint here? Why, also, Bob Woodward?

Mali, Algeria and so much more. This is a very difficult time for the administration. The next 4 years might well be  the worst  in international politics the country might have to face, says Ted Koppel.

Pakistan has over 100 nukes. Al Qaeda moved from Afghanistan to Pakistan. (It’s done a while, actually.) This is a difficult time. Regarding Syria, Koppel is reporting that at least a thousand Jihadis are fighting for the rebels in Syria. Supporting the rebels isn’t simple, since supporting the rebels might be tantamount to supporting jihadis. And who knows what the jihadis might do. (Consider Mali, after all.)

Bob Woodward is now hawking a future book he wants to write: about the Middle East and North Africa (and West Africa, as well) and the working title of that magic book is “Meltdown”. (Sure, this is or might be a joke. It’s still a dumb joke and, significantly, part of Woodward’s “deal”.

Andrea Mitchell is looking askew at Jim DeMint, ’cause he’s talking about the perception of American weakness around the world and how the U.S. government hasn’t sent a consistently strong signal to its enemies. North Korea and Iran want to get to us, boy!

Pres. Obama-is he passing the baton to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for 2016. Andrea Mitchell is announcing that leaders in the Democratic Party will clear the field for Hillary Clinton should she decide to run. She hasn’t decided on that yet, by the way.

To that Bob Woodward said, yes, but don’t discount Joe Biden.

To that, Andrea Mitchell: yes, I know, Bob. I’m only reporting what top Democrats are telling me. (Mitchell- lady’s married to Alan Greenspan, let’s not forget–might well have added: DUMBASS.)

~ by Faheem Haider on January 27, 2013.

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