Kinda, Sorta Real Time Thoughts on Meet the Press (February 3, 2013)


(This is going up a week late. There’s probably something to that, no?)

Chuck Todd is here, subbing for David Gregory. And a fine thing, that.  General Martin Dempsey, Leon Panetta (and at least a few others) will be talking about the Chuck Hagel nomination. And, of course Iran; why not?

The Chair of the Joint Chiefs, Martin Dempsey is here to say that he has had serious discussions with Senator Chuck Hagel.

Was the suicide bombing in Turkey a success? The fact that the bomber was stopped at the check point a ser

Defense cuts cause economy to shrink. Is the DoD in charge of the economy now? The cuts that kicked in did so well before the sequester cuts.

Panetta is here to say that the sequester cuts are bad news. If sequester goes into effect, it will weaken the United States both militarily and economically.

Secy. Panetta is planning for the state of the world where sequester happens. He is also saying, as is General Dempsey, that having sequester go into effect will be irresponsible, on the face of it, and as policy.  This, because, plenty of people in Congress, including Congressman Paul Ryan is saying that sequester is likely to be the case.

800,000 civilians working for the D0D will lose 20% of their income if sequester goes into effect.

Al Qaeda in North Africa. Checkit, North Africa was AQ’s first headquarters, well before 9/11. Now, they’re back. Did we drop the ball?


Martin Dempsey is saying that part of the problem in North Africa is that the governments that held AQ at bay have been pushed out. They no longer have the capability to maintain security on those terms.

But what about stability versus progress and democracy, in a manner of speaking.

Iran as a nuclear threat. Secy. Panetta is saying that though Iran is developing and enriching uranium, nevertheless they are not building a weapon. But because Iran is insisting on developing their nuclear capabilities and we certainly don’t need that. (This depends on how you look at what the impact of nuclear acquisition is.)

What about the “Zero Option” in Afghanistan? The Chicago agreements imply, and Gen. Allen has requested that troops remain in Afghanistan to ensure stability against al Qaeda.

The State Department issued a travel warning in Afghanistan. If Afghanistan, now under occupation, can’t maintain stability through its U.S and NATO funded troops, what about the state of the world in a few years.

Women in the infantry? Does that water down standards? No, Martin Dempsey is interested only in military readiness. That’s it. Whatever needs to be done but that nevertheless maintains readiness.

Secretary Panetta said though some information was derived from TORTURE, he believes that the U.S. would have gotten Osama bin Laden.

Ralph Reed, Anna Navarro, Robert Gibbs and David Brooks are here for the round table.

Apparently, Sen. Chuck Hagel did a bad job during his confirmation hearing. David Brooks thinks Hagel should go to the president and ask Pres. Obama whether he still has confidence in Sen. Hagel to do the job laid out in front of him.

Chuck Hagels job will not be to do surges, but to cut out and carve down the Pentagon. Is he a salesman? Does he have the goods to sell the president’s cut backs in the Pentagon? Yeah, maybe, maybe not.

On immigration. Ralph Reed  and Anna Navarro are here to speak on the conservative side of things. Anna Navarro is saying that Sen. Rubio is a courageous Caesar.  Ralph Reed wants to talk about the morality of immigration and the duties of the immigration/migrant.

David Brooks: this is nonsense. We need immigration; we know things are going to get better if and only if we have a younger labor force that puts in more time in the labor market. So far, this isn’t happening with the current state of the world.

And much, much more that’s more of the same. (Sorry for my cynicism here, but I wish there were real politics to talk about more often.)

~ by Faheem Haider on February 10, 2013.

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