Real Time Thoughts on Meet the Press (February 10, 2013)


House Majority Leader Republican Congressman Eric Cantor is here. He represents Virginia, the state that next to California will be most devastated by the impending sequester.

He agrees that sequestration will not be the best way to cut spending but he won’t move with Pres. Obama to make some short term changes to figure out a long term plan to figure out spending cuts.

(He’s tipping his hat to the fact that he’s all right with letting the indiscriminate spending cuts that we call sequester go forward.)

Majority Leader Cantor seems to be moving forward on immigration reform. However, he’s casting the reform as a move to serve the children who were “migrated into the United States” through no fault of their own. (This sounds off; it’s being offered as a tactical turn, couched in tonal changes than real change as such, since the GOP seems unwilling to move on decent measures to develop sensible immigration policy. This sounds like a re-branding move, when, really, the GOP needs to move on real policy moves. This also kinda, sounds like the Dream Act. This sounds like the GOP is fine with giving kids a pathway to citizenship but wants to send their parents home for at least an interim period.)

All this because during the last election the American people resoundingly came out against the GOP’s policies. Recent polls show that the American people are actually moving against the GOP’s core values. (Yikesssss! says Eric Cantor when he’s alone on the bathroom.)

Why hasn’t the Congress made any moves to examine and regulate the executive branches moves on the War on Terror via drones? Eric Cantor seems unwilling to push against the president’s national security moves. Even at the expense of the government killing U.S. citizens.

By the way, the US Postal Service is going to 5 day service. Is the “snail mail” service still viable after losing billions of dollars in the last years while only saving a fraction of that missing revenue by going to 5 day service. This, at the cost of thousands of jobs cut.

Dick Durbin will be here.

Michael Issikof, Katty Kay, Mike Murphy, Michael Gerson and Mayor Kasim Reed are the round table.

What can Pres. Obama do in his second term? Mike Murphy thinks he needs to compromise with the Republican Party on XYZ.

Katty Kay thinks the presidents needs to figure out jobs, jobs, jobs.

Michael Gerson thinks that the presidents “outside game”, dumping on the Congress isn’t helpful. It’s ideological and doesn’t get anything done.

Dick Durbin!!! How will sequestration end? Senator Durbin is saying that sequestration was a budget threat not a budget policy. He’s saying that he thinks that we should follow sequestration by raising revenue and cutting spending. This view is what Simpson Bowles thinks should be the case.

Sequestration will gut the Pentagon for the short-term. Some have said that Durbin supports sequestration cutting on the Pentagon. Durbin’s come out to say that we can deal with spending cuts in the Pentagon but let’s not cut mental health spending for veterans and other education cuts.

On drones? What of them, Mr. Durbin? Does Mr. Durbin believe that there should be change in the authorization that allows the President of the United States to kill the enemy has he sees fit?

Given, his answer: NO!

Will he do anything to change the policy to restrict the U.S. from employing them even in the United States? It seems no!

Should Senator Bob Menendez hold his Chair in the Senate? Should Sen. Hagel take back his nomination? Durbin thinks Hagel will be confirmed. Sen. Menendez? Meh!

His response to Dick Cheney knocking on Hagel: “I will not respond to Vice President’s views on public service at this point.” Briliant.

Kasim Reed thinks the president should play the outside game to push Congress through public opinion.

Isikoff thinks that the president has the upper hand on the budget for moving against sequestration. Murphy is saying that politics will undercut the president’s agenda during the midterms; so to get ahead of all that he needs to meet the Republicans face to face and he needs to make moves that will upset his own party.

Michael Gerson thinks that the GOP is looking at a policy offer that doesn’t make any sense for them: take off spending cuts for raising revenue. How does that make sense?

Kasim Reed is saying okay, fine, but how does spending cuts turn to something sensible? The Brits tried it and, as Katty Kay demonstrates the Brits are looking at a triple dip recession. Let’s invest in America’s future! Sequestration is precisely the thing that destroys economies by destroying future-oriented investments.

Isikoff is here to say that the recently publicized white paper that shows the governments moves on its drone policy is far more open-ended than assumed earlier. The concept of imminence of threat has been greatly expanded; affiliation with AQ has also been expanded.

Katty Kay is saying that the longer term use of drones is actually cutting against America’s long-term interests. Admiral Mike Mullen and General McChrystal are both saying drones are bad for U.S. strategic interests in the “Wars” out there.

The total number of Americans killed by drones is 3. President Obama doesn’t want drones to dominant the administration’s legacy in foreign policy. But Gerson is saying that the Obama administration starting in 2010 decided to move away with counter-insurgency to counter-terrorism. But what do you employ then but drones?

Rubio the Savior? Meh, nah, not really. And if he thinks that’s the case and if how ants people to think that’s the case for a presidential run, he’s too early.

Is Ashley Judd a real threat against Mitch McConnell? Who knows, Mike Murphy seems to say, though don’t count out McConnell? (Wait, who exactly was hung-ho to count him out?)

~ by Faheem Haider on February 10, 2013.

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