Kinda, Sorta Real Time Thoughts on Meet the Press (February 24, 2013)


Today on Meet the Press, we’ll be talking about that implosion of the Republican Party and whether or not Gov. Bobby Jindal is its most recent and likely savior. (Haven’t we been talking about this non-stop since November? And, no, he’s not.)

But then, there’s the sequester that’ll come down the pike in a  week. $85 billion cuts over this year; 1 million jobs lost, at least.

Ray LaHood and Bobby Jindal are here to talk about much of this. Secretary LaHood is saying that there can be a compromise if the Republicans come by and take up Pres. Obama’s offer to cut $85 over the medium term.

(And there’s a lot of talk about who did what to whom. The blame game is, and the way it gets aired out, is more or less the point of today’s show.)

Bobby Jindal is surely right that Pres. Obama needs to come out forthrightly and move on and beyond sequestration. Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick is here to talk about Pres. Obama’s side of things.

Okay, so the blame game is done. Now, David Gregory is asking Jindal (Piyush Jindal) why he’s not going to expand Medicaid as is offered by “Obamacare.”  He says that it will cost Louisiana more money ten years out than the status quo but why would you put more people into a system that already needs reform?

Gov. Patrick is going hardcore on the fact that Obamacare got its start from Massachusetts and things are going fine, thank you very much. Thanks as much to the Bush administration as well as the Obama administration.

Guns? Jindal is saying all the right conservative things and Gov. Patrick is saying, whatever the case, we know that some moves against assault weapons will have to be nation-wide. (Perhaps this will be the case on universal background check.)

Jindal is plumping for getting rid of the income tax. Okay, well, fair enough, how will that work? Oh, okay Lousiana has oil and gas and revenue from that is exploding and so an excise on that can cover expenses. (But does that mean you get rid of income tax? No, I think not.)

The Washington Post is saying that though Gov. Jindal looks better than the average Republican, the policies are still the same Right-Wing nut job moves.

Peggy Noonan, Harold Ford Jr. Steve Innskeep, Jim Cramer and Maria Bartiromo are here; they are the roundtable.

Peggy Noonan: Oh lawdy, the president is a terrible leader. And why does he want to be such a terrible leader?

Maria Bartiromo: the market has priced the sequester already. This won’t be much of a surprise for the market. This is more of a national security issue. It matters more what kinds of missions get pulled back than what the market says.

Steven Inskeep: there’s no way that any number of the cuts will make much difference in the long-run. What we need to do is put a few deals together to cut the deficit. But the ways that the cuts are being proposed, it’s just silly. Just dumb. (Inskeep didn’t actually say that. But that’s what he means.)

Harold Ford Jr,: middle of the road, moderate Republicanism and centrist Democratic moves are the ways to go.

Jim Cramer: the market is suggesting that the sequester will not happen. That is to say, the market doesn’t think that the sequester will happen, though it might well do so.

Steve Inskeep is saying the smart thing that many Republicans are happy to go with raising revenue but they don’t want to be on record as those people who’ve raised taxes.

Maria Bartiromo: why’s no one talking about the fact that as interest rates go up and our interest payments will skyrocket.

Bobby Jindal is going to run in 2016. Hillary Clinton on the Democratic side makes it easier for a serious Republican candidate to come up. Maybe a Chris Christie, a Bobby Jindal, yadi yada, etc, etc..(No, no, that’s not true. Bobby Jindal is not a serious candidate. Not at all.)

~ by Faheem Haider on February 25, 2013.

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