Faheem Haider, Antik, Octane, etc

I’m a reformed academic who fancies himself a portraitist in the manner of late  Leon Golub. However, my ongoing interest in the qualia of imprisonment, the fact of erasure and the multiplied, angular violence of a car bomb gets in the way of forcing myself to become someone close to the person I fancy.

Unwarranted inertia aside, this blog is my attempt to make some sense of my unlisted thoughts.  Therefore, bowing to Robert Frank’s seminal volume of photographs Black, White and Things , this blog will  feature my art work* and some thoughts that will tend to tow a descriptive and analytical line on issues germane to art, history and art practice in a fractal political world.

I hope you will think each work something new; not something borrowed, nor blue.

*…unless otherwise noted, all images are my own work.

3 Responses to “Faheem Haider, Antik, Octane, etc”

  1. Hi Faheem, I met you at starbuck’s on Monday during the power outage. I perused some of your work and like it very much .. If you ever have a gallery opening, please let me know. After you left, starbuck’s, an anxious trader sat down and couldn’t stop talking about the volatility he had missed earlier in the morning. He was quite a contrast to you. It was nice to meet you.


  2. Hi Antik,

    Just thought I would check out your blog. I like what your doing. Nice tribute to Robert Frank.

    • Hey thanks Dina. I appreciate your kind words. The work is turning out multi-leveled. That’s why I haven’t put anything up in a few days-I have no idea where the new work stands with the older works.

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